Professional Sharpening Services

Serving the greater South Houston to Galveston area! Call 713-412-6702. Bring your dull blades to the Nassau Bay Farmers Market on Upper Bay Road in Nassau Bay every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm.

Sharpening Prices


Kitchen KnivesĀ - $4.00

Serrated Knives - $7.00

Cleavers - $6.00


Fabric - $5.00

Pinking Shears - $7.00

Upholstery & Carpet - $5.00

Kitchen & GeneralĀ - $5.00


Pruning Shears - $7.00

Hedge Shears - $7.00

MacheteĀ - $7.00


Chisels - $4.00

Planer Knives - $.75 Per Inch

Axes, Single Bit - $8.00

Axes, Double Bit - $11.00

Hatchet - $6.00

Paper Cutters - $10.00

Wood Turning Tools - $6.00

The Texas Edge

Bring your cutting tools to the Texas Sharp Edge booth at the Nassau Bay Farmers Market every Saturday!

Texas Sharp Edge uses state-of-the-art precision equipment that restores your tool's cutting edges into a great condition. No sharpening job is too small or too large, and typically there is a fast 1 to 3 day turn around time from the day you bring in your tool.

Sharpened tools for working wood, such as jointer knives, planer knives, and router bits not only makes your job easier, but safer! Minimal tool repairs and broken handle fixes can also be done.

Fabric scissors should glide through like a hot knife cutting butter, if not they will get snagged and tear, rather than cut, your fabric.

Keep your hobby fun and your job safe with the sharpest edge possible!

For more information, call today at
713-412-6702 or send an Email.

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